Xpeng founds “Pengxing Intelligence” for AI innovation

This week, Xpeng Motors officially announced that Shenzhen Pengxing Intelligence Co., Ltd (A.K.A. Pengxing Intelligence), a new member of the ecological enterprise, released the third-generation prototype of the first intelligent Robot horse, which is internally code-named “Xiaobailong”.

As an ecological enterprise of Xpeng Motors, Pengxing Intelligence will introduce automotive systems and concepts to empower the R&D and manufacturing of intelligent robots.

This unveiling of the intelligent robot-horse has achieved technological breakthroughs over the previous four-legged robots in terms of power modules, motion control, intelligent driving, and intelligent interactions.

It is the world’s first rideable intelligent robot horse, carrying Pengxing Intelligence’s Vision for a better future.

The Pengxing Intelligent Team was established in Shenzhen in 2016. It is one of the earliest Chinese teams to invest in the R&D of foot-type robots. It has accumulated several core patents in the fields of robot power modules, motion control, intelligent driving, and interactive systems.

In 2020, Pengxing Intelligence received investment from Xiaopeng He and XPeng Motors, started rapid development after becoming an eco-enterprise deployed by Xpeng Motors under the “Future Transportation Explorer” strategy.

This intelligent robot horse is equipped with a high-power density ratio powertrain unit independently developed by Pengxing Intelligence and uses an accurate dynamic model combined with AI Technology, achieving excellent balance and agility. It can even meet the riding needs of children, assuming an assistant role for short-distance transportation.

Source: https://www.36kr.com/newsflashes/1388043932367624

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