Xiaobing AI empowers 2022 Winter Olympics

With the Winter Olympics 2022 less than 200 days away, the preparation committee enters the decisive sprint for the final leg of the race towards victory.

The Xiaobing AI scoring system has completed its upgrade after it successfully helped the National Sports General Administration Winter Games Center complete the Winter Olympics test competition by serving as an assistant referee.

Newly armed with the standards of the International Snow Federation, it is expected to serve as an AI assistant referee to judge athlete performances in more international competitions. This AI system is called the “Xiaobing AI Competitive Sports International Competition Scoring System’’, and it is one of the vertical field solutions of Xiaobing’s general framework.

Relying on the AI framework of Xiaobing, in line with the scientific training needs of the freestyle ski team of the Winter Sports Center of the State General Administration of Sports, the original skiing analysis model is created to analyze the sports characteristics of the project, and it contains several world-leading AI visual analysis technologies.

The system combines the peculiarities of the Olympic game scene, such as high-intensity light and high-complex background, the extremely short time frame that athletes stay air-borne, limitation of competition venues, etc., it can detect, recognize, and track targets based on motion sequence prediction, and provide real-time feedback, and assist by providing sports posture adjustment and professional scoring opinions for each athlete.

In recent years, the role of AI technology gradually emerging in competitive sports is. For example, in the 2019 Gymnastics World Championships, AI 3D induction technology is used as a referee’s auxiliary judgment system.Although most of these situations use computer vision recognition technology to improve the accuracy of judgment and avoid misjudgment as a sideman.

The Xiaobing AI scoring system is the world’s first AI system that can make an independent and complete evaluation consistent with human professional referees based on athletes’ movements and postures.

Source: https://36kr.com/newsflashes/1318525116811778

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