The Post-Pandemic Chinese Economy Self-Salvations And The Opportunities

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(Value Retail)

Restaurant on demand

Offline dining got hit hard around the world during this pandemic. While most of the Chinese restaurants have started take out and delivery service, this is far from a perfect fix as restaurants struggle to cover losses with online-only traffic.


From ride-hailing to goods-delivery

Ride-hailing companies that have been hurting are reacting fast and pivoting to delivering food and goods to people’s homes.


Data-infused pivot from export-oriented to domestic

According to the World Trade Organization, the scale of the entire global trade market will shrink around 13% to 32%. According to data from the Chinese Customs, China’s total import and export value is CNY 6.57 trillion in the first quarter of 2020, down by 6.4% from last year, and the export value is CNY 3.33 trillion, down by 11.4%.

Live streaming to survival

Dou Yin, Tik Tok’s Chinese version has taken on a new role as an alternative e-commerce platform, as founders and CEOs of major Chinese tech companies, start to leverage its live-streaming function to promote their products in hope of saving their sluggish sales.

(China Luxury Daily)




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