Strategy Analytics: Smart TV Market Prediction 2026

According to Strategy Analytics, over 665 million households worldwide have smart TVs at the end of 2020, accounting for approximately 34% globally.

It is estimated that by 2026, smart TV ownership will reach 1.1 billion households, and the proportion will rise to 51%.

The report points out that global smart TV sales increased by 7.4% to 186 million units in 2020, accounting for 79% of flat-TV sales. Among them, North America has the strongest sales growth, mainly because consumers must spend more time at home due to the quarantine; the size of China’s smart TV market has gradually increased in recent years, it is predicted that China’s smart TV industry sales will exceed $100.3 billion USD in 2021.

In terms of brands, Samsung will remain as the world’s leading smart TV manufacturer for its ninth consecutive year in 2020, and TCL will surpass LG for the first time to take second place.

At the same time, the smart TV market continues to converge around a selected few TV streaming platforms or operating systems. Samsung’s Tizen is in the lead, but major third-party software platforms such as Android TV and Roku TV OS are growing strong in recent years. In 2020, the top four smart TV operating systems accounted for 50% of total sales.




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