“OPPO Watch 2” formally hits the market

This week, OPPO announced the official sale of OPPO Watch 2 and announced the five key functions of OPPO Watch 2-real-time multi-screen, e-sports mode, sleep monitoring and early warning of snoring risk, dual-engine hybrid, and independent eSIM.

Firstly, the real-time multi-screen function synchronizes the navigation information to be displayed on the watch end, applicable to cycling, driving, and other application scenarios. When it is inconvenient to check the mobile phone navigation, you can see the next route by raising your wrist and checking the watch.

The newly added esports mode will become a benefit for gamers. With this mode turned on, you can use your watch to answer calls while playing games on your mobile phone. You don’t have to worry about missing important calls. It also supports the vibration reminder of the in-game character respawn. Sleep monitoring and snoring risk assessment allow users to understand their sleep health quickly and accurately.

Sleep monitoring is generally available in smartwatches, but the snoring risk assessment function is a first. It is estimated that this function will allow users to better understand their sleep status and whether there are risks such as snoring, and promptly detect and treat them in time. Snoring is a very common condition after all.

The standalone eSIM has been equipped on the first generation OPPO Watch and has been upgraded on the second generation. This function is also a true standard configuration for a smartwatch. After opening the eSIM, OPPO Watch 2 can be used completely without the mobile phone, such as going online, making phone calls, downloading apps, and even using WeChat.

Source: https://36kr.com/newsflashes/1328716587931657