MediaTek reaches new revenue peak in September

MediaTek’s sense of presence has continued to increase with the continuous advancement of 5G. Due to the introduction of multiple 5G smartphone processors and adoption by many smartphone manufacturers, their revenues are also constantly hitting new record highs.

The monthly revenue published by MediaTek’s official website shows that in September, their revenue reached $1.7 billion USD. In September last year, MediaTek’s revenue was $1.3 billion USD, compared with $1.7 billion USD in September this year, an increase of $357.7 million USD and a year-on-year increase of 26.51%.

Not only did it increase year-on-year, but MediaTek’s September revenue also increased significantly from the previous month. In August this year, MediaTek’s revenue was $1.5 billion USD, an increase of over $182 million USD from September, showing 11.91% growth from the previous month.

At MediaTek’s conference, CEO Lixing Cai said that despite the market’s interpretation of short-term supply chain data as doubts about the market’s prospects, MediaTek’s leading position in 5G, WiFi 6, and ARM products allows MediaTek to maintain a healthy view of market demands in the four major product categories. These products and technologies are important elements that will drive future digital transformation.

Although Qualcomm is about to release a new generation of flagship mobile processors of the Snapdragon series at the end of the year. The market also reported the upcoming unveiling of MediaTek’s most important secret weapon of the year, the Dimensity 2000 flagship processor. It is believed that MediaTek’s Dimensity 2000 series processors, supported by TSMC’s 4-nanometer process, will have better performance and energy consumption than Qualcomm’s related products, and will possibly continue to maintain their status in the mobile processor market.

It is worth mentioning that MediaTek ranked fourth in the world’s top ten IC design houses in the second quarter of this year. The top three were Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Broadcom.





Stories about China’s tech giants, startups, funding, venture capital, trends, and industries of tomorrow.

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Tech In China

Stories about China’s tech giants, startups, funding, venture capital, trends, and industries of tomorrow.

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