Lenovo announces to build new ecosystem “Qing Tian Lian Meng”

On September 8th, Lenovo held the “Lenovo Tech World 2021”. Jun Liu, Executive VP of Lenovo and President of China Region, said that Lenovo’s intelligent IT engine-DynaSky is based on the core of the new IT structure “end-side cloud network intelligence”, which includes of technical middle-stage and general-purpose business middle-stage, and the VPaaS layer which faces different industries and fields, and it houses three major technical characteristics of cloud-native, middle-platform oriented, and AI intelligence.

Jun Liu announced that with DynaSky at the core, to cooperate with more industry partners to develop the “Qing Tian Lian Meng”, to exert the advantages of “Dynamic” technology, employ ecological efficiency, and jointly create smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart education, smart retail, and Ecosystems such as smart businesses to promote the intelligent transformation of Chinese enterprises.

Jun Liu also expressed Lenovo’s new IT practice in China. Jun Liu demonstrated the intelligent application of the new IT architecture using Lenovo’s service practice as an example.

LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. holds significance as the advanced reference of intelligent development for the manufacturing industry.

Liu Jun talked about the development direction and innovative technological achievements of the IT industry. Using the consumer Internet service in China as an example.

Last year, over 55 million MAUs successfully migrated from the public cloud to the newly developed hybrid cloud platform, greatly improving the efficiency of product development and product services.

Jun Liu revealed that through the hybrid cloud platform, Lenovo’s application R&D efficiency has increased by over 100%, and the availability of products and services has increased from 99.9% to 99.99%, and the downtime for the entire year has also decreased from 8 hours to the current 50 minutes.

Source: https://www.36kr.com/newsflashes/1389506360195846

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