Huawei: China 5G adoption to hit new milestone in 2021

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2 min readOct 17, 2021

Yun Ding, the executive director of Huawei and president of Carrier BG, delivered a keynote speech at the 2021 Global MBB Forum entitled “Building a Green 5G Network for a Low-Carbon Future”.

Ding Yun said that in 5G advanced countries and regions, operators that invested heavily in 5G have already achieved impressive commercial returns.

“As long as the penetration rate of 5G users is high enough, it will be reflected in commercial returns. 5G will enter a stage of rapid growth once the 20% threshold is surpassed. The penetration rate of 5G users in China, South Korea, Kuwait, and other countries is over 20%. At this critical point, operators have entered a new spiral development pattern of user growth, business returns, and network construction.”

Huawei believes that DoU will reach 600GB by 2030. If the energy efficiency of the wireless network remains constant, the energy consumption of the overall network will increase dozens of times.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the ICT industry by 45% before 2030, Yun Ding implored operators to build a green 5G network with excellent performance and energy-saving functions by applying “power supply, distribution, electricity consumption, and bit tube watts”.

In addition, Yun Ding also pointed out that Huawei has deployed low-carbon site solutions in over 100 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Greece, Pakistan, and Switzerland, and has helped operators reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 million tons.




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