HTC Vive to discover the Metaverse with China Mobile

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2 min readSep 19, 2021

On September 14, HTC Vive and MiGu announced that they will jointly build a 5G+ high-quality XR content ecosystem.

HTC Vive and MiGu have maintained in-depth cooperation, taking advantage of the new market space brought by 5G to accelerate the application of 5G+VR; through their cooperation with VIVEPORT, the two parties will jointly explore the Metaverse.

As a pioneer in the XR field, HTC Vive created the world’s first VR platform and ecology. The VIVEPORT app store currently houses over 2,600 high-quality VR content on its shelves, covering fields such as sports, education, art, social, games, video, and other categories, providing an advanced interactive experience for enterprises and consumers.

“Yi Dong Yun” VR is a product launched by China Mobile to have users focus on the online viewing of VR content and the online experience of VR games. It is currently compatible with over 20 different headsets, including mainstream VR manufacturers such as HTC, Pico, and Nreal’s AR glasses Display equipment.

Presently, the duration of mobile cloud VR content has reached 65,000 hours, ranking first in the industry.

According to IDC data, the global shipments of Facebook’s Oculus VR products increased by 297% year-on-year to 2.26 million units in the first half of the year, and it is predicted that shipments in 2021 will reach about 8 million units.

Big companies have entered the playing field, for example, ByteDance officially entered the VR field by acquiring Pico with $1.3 billion USD; Facebook said that it will transform into a Metaverse company within five years.

The cooperation between HTC and China Mobile expresses its intention to be the first to occupy the Chinese market.




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