CNG: China Mobile Gaming Report Q3'21

This week, CNG released the “July-September 2021 Mobile Game Report”. The most-watched new game product of last month-”Harry Potter: Magic Awakened” was launched on September 9. With its massive IP influence and large user-base, many players have registered and entered the game.

In the six days from the 9th to the 14th of September, the Baidu Index has reached its peak, and many players searched for game-related content such as cards, gameplay, and PVP situations. With the inflow of new users and the accumulation of existing users, from September 16 to 18, its active users reached the peak of September.

From July to September 2021, the actual sales revenue of China’s mobile game market was $1.9 billion USD, down 0.85% month-on-month and up 9.09% year-on-year.

The main reason is that on the one hand, long-term products such as “Honor of Kings”, “Onmyoji”, and “Wen Dao” have declined compared with the previous quarter; on the other hand, products such as “One Piece Fighting Path” and “Mole’s World” was launched last quarter, although they have brought an increase, it is not enough to supplement the decline, and the overall decline is slight compared to the previous quarter.

At the same time, the actual sales revenue of China’s self-developed games in the overseas market was $4.966 billion USD, an increase of 12.77% from the previous month. The main reason is that the mobile games “Genshin Impact”, “San Guo Zhi Zhan Lue Ban”, “Puzzles & Survival” and other products have risen in overseas sales, bringing a certain increase.




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