Canalys: Xiaomi becomes second largest smartphone supplier globally

This week, Canalys Research announced that as the COVID-19 vaccine is launched around the world in Q2'21, the “new norm” has begun to take shape in various countries and economies, and global smartphone shipments have increased 12%.

Samsung was the leading smartphone supplier in Q2’21, accounting for 19% of total shipments. Xiaomi ranked second for the first time, with a market share of 17%. Apple ranks third with a 14% market share, while Vivo and Oppo maintained strong growth momentums and ranked among the top five.

Canalys Research Manager Ben Stanton said: “Xiaomi’s overseas business is growing rapidly. For example, Xiaomi’s shipments in Latin America, Africa, and Western Europe have increased by over 300%, 150%, and 50% respectively. With this growth, the company is evolving its business model from ‘challenger’ to ‘incumbent’, making moves such as channel partner integration and more careful management of its old stocks on the open market. The company is still largely oriented towards the mass market, and its average selling price is 40% and 75% lower than that of Samsung and Apple, respectively.”

One of Xiaomi’s main priorities this year is to increase sales of high-end mobile phones such as the Mi 11 Ultra. But Oppo and Vivo have similar goals, and both are willing to invest heavily in online marketing to build their brands.

In the context of global supply shortages, all suppliers are striving for the supply of parts, but Xiaomi has set its sights on the next ‘prize’: to replace Samsung as the world’s largest supplier.




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