Bosch starts strategic partnership with Alibaba in the digital market

Recently, Bosch China and Alibaba Group announced a comprehensive strategic partnership.

The two parties will conduct comprehensive cooperation in digital retail and marketing, innovative operation models, full-link consumer operations, and enterprise digital management.

Through the ABOS (Alibaba Business Operating System) and the corresponding digital operating capabilities of Alibaba’s digital economy, Bosch will further promote its digital transformation and continue to upgrade its business in China to achieve its goal of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

Bosch will become the first international leading automotive technology and home appliance company to access Alibaba’s commercial operating system.

With this cooperation, Bosch will rely on Alibaba’s commercial operating system to carry out a comprehensive digital transformation and upgrade of corporate operations.

The two parties will create several innovative operating models across businesses and multiple scenarios, which will provide consumers with new shopping and service experiences while also provide Bosch with sustainable rapid growth, to become the driving engine of China’s digital economy era.

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