BMW joins China’s online market through cooperation with Alibaba

On October 26, BMW signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with Alibaba.

The two parties will cooperate in areas such as branding, marketing, channels, cross-end operations, services, and information technology. They are committed to achieving the full-process digital strategy of BMW China’s business while helping dealers provide “end-to-end, online, and offline Digital brand experience” to their customers.

With the support of Alibaba’s commercial operating system, BMW and dealer partners will accelerate the digital transformation of the dealer network. In the future, with the support of dealers, users can buy BMW and MINI cars online through the official Tmall flagship stores of BMW and MINI.

Easily register to become brand members, get exclusive discounts and benefits, and complete test drives, maintenance, and other online appointment services with ease.

According to iResearch Consulting, the total transaction volume in China’s online shopping market has increased from $5,372 billion USD to $13,988 billion USD, indicating a compound annual growth rate of 27.0%. by estimation, it will reach $37,894 billion USD by the year 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 18.1%.