Bilibili becomes the third-largest long-video platform in China

Recently, the DAU of Bilibili exceeded 65 million, surpassing Youku to become the third long-video platform after iQiyi and Tencent Video. However, from the perspective of the industry, this is still far from the two short video platforms of Douyin and Kuaishou. In terms of user usage time, Bilibili has been stabilized at over 80 minutes, lower than Douyin’s 100+ minutes.

Bilibili is a video barrage website established in 2009, starting with ACG (animated comic game) content. It gathered a group of in-depth ACG fans in the early years. To ensure a friendly atmosphere for creators and users, the platform did not undergo radical growth, nor large-scale commercialization.

After twelve years of natural growth, Bilibili has grown into the largest video community in China. According to official data, over 60% of the users registered on Bilibili in 2009 are still active ten years later.

Bilibili launched a strategy of generalization and growth in 2019. In an interview with LatePost at the end of 2019, Rui Chen said that within the next three years, the valuation of China’s content-based platforms will be around $10 billion USD, and companies that fail to maintain this standard will be eliminated from the industry. At that time, the daily active users of Bilibili were around 38 million, and the market value was $7 billion USD.


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