Baidu released “Baidu Kankan” to challenge ByteDance’s Tiktok

Credit: Caption of Baidu Kankan App

This week, Baidu launched an app called “Baidu Kankan”, which is positioned as a comprehensive video recommendation and video search platform for “sharing life and exploring the world”.

After creating the “Mobile Baidu” app with over 500 million MAU, Baidu further on and launched the new independent app “Baidu Kankan”.

This is Baidu’s exploration of monetization capabilities through the app, followed shortly by a collaboration with mobile Baidu. The goal of this collaboration is to challenge ByteDance’s TikTok (Douyin) using the combination of “short video + information flow”.

According to public data, daily searches for non-entertainment real-time video sessions on Baidu App have increased by over four times, and monthly views have increased by 80%.

In the second quarter, the number of in-app search queries increased by 28% year-on-year.

Another similar product, Baidu Live, focused on “pan-knowledge and service scenarios”, with monthly coverage of over 100 million users, has a 200% increase in traffic, and a 500% increase in daily broadcast volume.

Another short video product “HaoKan Video”, as of September this year, its DAU reached 30 million, and the average user time exceeded 70 minutes, ranking first amongst its competitors in the over 3 minutes segment of the short video industry.

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