Alibaba foundation upgrades its China charity strategies

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2 min readSep 5, 2021


This week, Alibaba Foundation officially announced a strategic upgrade on September 4th. In the future, it will fully focus on the three major directions of practicing common prosperity, helping rural revitalization, and actively participating in the reconstruction of nature.

Alibaba said that as a beneficiary of the current generation of development, Alibaba firmly believes that a great country and a fine society will ensure a prosperous Alibaba. It is willing to contribute its modest contribution to achieving common prosperity in high-quality development.

In terms of practicing common prosperity, promoting more special groups in “cloud employment” and establishing a child critical illness relief fund, and creating “child companion homes’’ in at least 3,000 villages.

It will accelerate the construction of village-level medical stations to create a cloud-based “medical community” to improve medical standards in underdeveloped counties; the first batch of “Common Prosperity Commissioners’’ will be stationed in the mountainous counties of Zhejiang.

In terms of assisting rural revitalization, helping underdeveloped counties to formulate special plans for industrial development; construct and optimize joint brand schemes in underdeveloped counties; assist in agricultural science and technology research and support the cultivation of new crop varieties.

In terms of restoring nature, the entire link promotes the green life solutions of the public; in-depth exploration of the integration of digital technology and green/low-carbon mechanisms; and focuses on supporting the research and development of dual-carbon technology.

Since 2011, Alibaba has established the Alibaba Foundation with three-thousandths of its annual operating income, which has invested in environmental protection, education, care for disadvantaged groups, and rural poverty alleviation for ten consecutive years.

In the future, the Alibaba Foundation will promote ecological efficiency of public welfare through technological upgrading, promote the continuous revitalization of rural areas through industrial development, and promote social public welfare collaboration through platform capabilities.




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