Recently, DiDi is developing a new overseas catering project.

According to Wen Luo, general manager of R-Lab, the team is still at the small-scale pilot stage. The team mainly explores the overseas food delivery business. It is currently operating in Mexico, Japan, and Brazil. Different from the traditional take-out models, the goal of this project is to explore self-developed dishes and provide dishes to offline restaurants.

Not long ago, DiDi Food beat rivals like Uber eats and Mexico’s Rappi when Mexico’s “TV Novelas” selected the best food delivery platform, ranking first with a four-star rating.

The seemingly simple takeout service…

On September 8th, Lenovo held the “Lenovo Tech World 2021”. Jun Liu, Executive VP of Lenovo and President of China Region, said that Lenovo’s intelligent IT engine-DynaSky is based on the core of the new IT structure “end-side cloud network intelligence”, which includes of technical middle-stage and general-purpose business middle-stage, and the VPaaS layer which faces different industries and fields, and it houses three major technical characteristics of cloud-native, middle-platform oriented, and AI intelligence.

Jun Liu announced that with DynaSky at the core, to cooperate with more industry partners to develop the “Qing Tian Lian Meng”, to exert the advantages…

This week, Xpeng Motors officially announced that Shenzhen Pengxing Intelligence Co., Ltd (A.K.A. Pengxing Intelligence), a new member of the ecological enterprise, released the third-generation prototype of the first intelligent Robot horse, which is internally code-named “Xiaobailong”.

As an ecological enterprise of Xpeng Motors, Pengxing Intelligence will introduce automotive systems and concepts to empower the R&D and manufacturing of intelligent robots.

This unveiling of the intelligent robot-horse has achieved technological breakthroughs over the previous four-legged robots in terms of power modules, motion control, intelligent driving, and intelligent interactions.

It is the world’s first rideable intelligent robot horse, carrying Pengxing Intelligence’s…

This week, PLUS members announced that they have reached in-depth cooperation with Bilibili, launching a co-branded card with Bilibili to realize the exchange of rights and interests.

As of October 2020, PLUS members have exceeded 20 million in volume and have reached cooperation with companies in various fields such as Tencent Video, iQiyi, COSTA, and Burger King.

As the first paid membership system in the field of e-commerce in China, PLUS members not only rely on the advantages of to gather all kinds of exclusive shopping rights, but also realize the exchange of rights and interests…

On September 9th, the world’s first intelligent deep-water drilling platform “Deep Blue Exploration” was independently designed and built by China National Offshore Oil Corporation(A.K.A. CNOOC) was successfully drilled into the Pearl River Mouth Basin located in the South China Sea.

It is the world’s latest semi-submersible drilling platform tailored for the South China Sea deepwater oil and gas exploration and development. It adapts to the complex hydrological and climatic environment of the South China Sea. …

Recently, ZeroZero Technology officially launched the world’s first V-type dual-rotor UAV, the V-Coptr Falcon.

The Falcon breaks through the traditional quad-rotor drone design concept. It houses a very distinctive foldable V-shaped double-rotor structure, coupled with a quite futuristic dark black shell.

At the same time, the Falcon uses a slower rotor tip speed combined with innovatively designed blades to support dual noise reduction, with a much lower sound pollution rate than the traditional quad-rotor UAVs.

In terms of endurance, the Falcon has a flight endurance of up to 50 minutes. The “power efficiency” of the V-type dual-rotor architecture is greatly…

This week, Jimi IoT launched a new generation of multifunctional OBD vehicle tracker, the V541.

This intelligent positioning terminal can identify nearly 30 OBD vehicle diagnostic data and reaches a 98% alert rate of real-time collisions.

In addition, the V541 can be combined with Jimi’s self-developed vehicle management platform “Tu Qiang Zai Xian” to provide software and hardware solutions for bus management, logistics fleet management, UBI auto insurance, and other industrial solutions.

Jimi IoT is a national high-tech Internet of Things enterprise with location services as its core established in 2015. With the help of IoT device connection and SaaS…

Since Qualcomm updated the Snapdragon 888+ chip in the second half of 2021, various mobile phone manufacturers will follow up and launch corresponding new phones.

This week, Nubia’s Esports product line launched the Red Magic 6S Pro.

In terms of design, the Red Magic 6S Pro still retains some family design, the rear cameras are all on the central axis, and the back cover does not lack RGB lighting.

This time the factory used a translucent rear shell on the left side of the “Deuterium Front” special edition other than its usual black and white color scheme.

In addition, there…

This week, AIWAYS and Shanghai Hesai Technology signed a formal strategic cooperation agreement recently.

The two parties conducted in-depth discussions and cooperation on the large-scale application timeline of the automotive grade lidar system in the front-loading passenger car mass production market.

Xiaoying Gu, COO of AIWAYS Auto, and Yifan Li, co-founder, and CEO of Hesai Technology, attended the signing ceremony.

In this strategic cooperation, AIWAYS will attain a more advanced automotive intelligent driving assistance system based on Hesai’s new generation of hybrid solid-state lidar solutions.

At the same time, the two parties will carry out long-term and in-depth cooperation in…

On September 1st, NIO released the new In-Vehicle Infotainment system (IVI) — Aspen 3.0.0, which will be applied to ES8, ES6, and EC6 models.

This new version of the system has a brand-new interface and interactive design. Upgrading UIs such as the central control, dashboard, and HUD, showing clearer information levels, more intuitive interaction logic, and more flexible layout structures.

The NIO Aspen 3.0.0 system added a new Karaoke function; users may sing Karaoke by simply connecting a microphone and using the App.

The NOMI intelligent voice assistant of the new system allows continuous global conversations and adds more vehicular…

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