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2 min readJul 24, 2021


CalmCar (天瞳威视), a 5-year-old, Suzhou-based, automotive driver assistance system developer, raised $150 million in Series C funding round, led by ZF Group, followed by Dragonstone Capital, OCI International Holdings, VinFast, Great Filter Venture, etc.

TransThera (药捷安康), a 7-year-old, Nanjing-based, innovative small molecule new drug research and development company, raised $100 million in Series D funding round, led by CPE Capital and CCT Fund, followed by Six Degree Capital, CP Healthcare Capital, CoStone Capital and Jiangsu Ruihua.

ArchForce (华锐金融技术), a 5-year-old, Shenzhen-based, China’s leading distributed low-latency technology company, raised over 270 million yuan ($41+ million) in Series Pre-C funding round, led by Huatai Innovation, followed by Essence Securities, China Merchants Securities, Orient Securities, industrial Capital, etc.

Zhiyi Tech (知衣科技), a 3-year-old, Hangzhou-based, AI e-commerce solution provider, raised 200 million yuan ($30+ million) in Series B funding round, led by Hillhouse Capital and Zoo Capital, followed by Yonghua Capital and Legend Capital.

Banniu (班牛), a 4-year-old, Shanghai-based, professional digital and intelligent solution provider, raised over 100 million yuan ($15+ million) in Series A funding round, led by Eastern Bell Capital, followed by Matrix Partners China and SiE.

ZettaStone (泽石科技), a 4-year-old, Beijing-based, high-tech storage company under the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, raised 100 million yuan ($15+ million) in Series B funding round, led by China CME Development Fund Co., Ltd., followed by Puda Capital.



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