2021 WAIC: SenseTime debuts new EV solution “SenseAuto”

SenseTime officially released SenseAuto this week, an independent new brand of smart car solution at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC).

Until now, SenseTime has formally formed its full-stack smart driving system, utilizing the SenseCore AI device as the cornerstone, the SenseAuto Empower engine as the base foundation, and the three solutions of Jueying Road Cloud Perception Platform, explicitly the SenseAuto Pilot, SenseAuto Cabin, and SenseAuto, empowering the innovation and application of V2X scenarios.

Intelligent conversion has become one of the core driving forces behind the global automobile industrial reform.

SenseAuto uses SenseTime’s original leading AI perception technology as its core driving force to promote the development within the smart car industry, building from smart bicycle to car and road collaborative intelligence.

Facing car manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, SenseTime uses SenseAuto Pilot Juying intelligent driving solutions to provide different intelligent driving solutions based on different sensor needs, accelerating the innovation and implementation of L2+ to L4 autonomous driving.

Furthermore, Juying intelligent cars use the SenseAuto Cabin solution to haste the evolution of human-vehicle interaction from passive to active, evolving the cabin into a “smart living space”.

By far, SenseTime has cooperated with over 30 leading partners and customers globally, and the total number of vehicles covered by fixed-point mass production projects exceeds 20 million.

Source: https://www.36kr.com/newsflashes/1303470806993283

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